Get ready to Glow! 3 of the MOST INTENSE Highlighters EVER!

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Today we are diving into the universe of highlighters because, well… why not? There is no reason not to talk about highlighters. In the following, I will ILLUMINATE (Huh! What a great reference!) the reasons: You have probably noticed that highlighting aka. strobing is having a major moment right now ( OK… since 2016 or something). One is not only overwhelmed by the wide range of available products, but also by flawless Instagram posts that feature the most blinding cheekbones one could or couldn’t even imagine. My Instagram feed is most likely the reason why I keep wasting my money on make-up, but “I don’t care… I love it” ;). Howsoever, if you are in love with highlighters and love that glow on your skin as much  as much as I do, keep on reading because I will introduce you to not one, but THREE of the MOST BLINDING (NON GLITTERY/SPARKLY) HIGHLIGHTERS in existence.

Aaand if you know or even own poppin’ highlighters that are anything but subtle, please leave a comment down below and let us talk about one of the most amazing things in the world (besides unicorns): NOT TOO SHIMMERY, NOT SPARKLY, JUST EXTREMELY GLOWY HIGHLIGHTERS!

Information regarding the featured products
1. Nars Cosmetics Illuminator in Copacabana: 30 $, contains 30ml / 1.2 OZ of product
2. theBalm Mary Lou Manizer: 24 $, 8,5g / 0.3 OZ
3. Jeffree Star Skin Frost in King Tut: 29 $, 15g / 0.53 OZ

left to right: JS Skin Frost King Tut, theBalm Mary Lou Manizer, Nars Illuminator Copacabana


Nars Cosmetics Illuminator – Copacabana

1. Nars Cosmetics Illuminator in Copacabana: This one is of a silvery-champagne color (reminds me of pearls) and has a slight pinkish undertone to it. The liquid formula can be spread over the skin with ease. I prefer using a beauty blender or simply my fingers to dab the product in. The good thing about this one is, the more you use, the glowier (does that word even exist?) you look. You can use a little bit in order to achieve a natural looking, healthy glow or apply more product to intensify the result. I already mentioned in a prior post that I like to stick with warm toned highlighters because my skin is warm toned, too. But I still do love this one.




Mary Loz Manizer


2. theBalm Mary Lou Maniser: The color of this powder highlighter can be described as a light, bright champagne-honey-gold. It is highly pigmented and looks pretty intense if you apply the right amount of product. I love the buttery consistency and how it can be applied with ease. I cannot help myself and stare at my reflection every time I wear this because the way it catches the light is just amazing.



Jeffree Star Skin Frost – King Tut

3. Jeffree Star Skin Frost in King Tut: I saved the best for last! A little bit goes a long way when it comes to Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost highlighters because this tan-golden colored product is incredibly pigmented. It has a buttery-creamy texture and blends like a dream. The results look absolutely flawless no matter what you use to apply it. In my opinion, it does not even make a remarkable difference whether you apply it with a wet or damp brush / beauty blender. Also, the compact is huge! Therefore, this will last you for years. However, you should handle it with care because it is kind of fragile. This one looks stunning on tanned skin and I can only imagine how perfect it would look on someone with a very deep skin tone.

All in all, I am IN LOVE with every single one of this products, but if I had to chose only one out of this options, I would definitely go for the last one. I guess “Peach Goddess” will be added  to my make up collection very soon.

Thank you very much for reading this blog entry. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Also let me know if you want me to review other products.

Love you & Ciao


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