Paris road trip #Travelhacks

“this heart of mine was made to travel this world”- Anonym

…and so the adventure begins

My Bestie Elena and I, we planned a trip together. Both of us have never been to Paris. We were fascinated about this beautiful fashion metropolitan and expected too much from Paris…(more Details in our next posts) We decided to travel by car because we live only a few hours away from Paris. Et voilà, our experience was really positive. We thought it would be more difficult to drive in another country, but it definitely wasn’t! And it won’t be for you, if you prepare a good checklist before you travel. At first, make sure to have an alcohol tester in your car, because it is a legal requirement in france to carry one. And trust me you don’t want to pay for a ticket. You can buy it anywhere online. We got it from amazon.

Afterwards, check your route on Google maps. So, you’re supposed to be meant with it. If you have to drive for more than 4 hours, take a break or change the driver because you may get tired.

And the most important part is: Calculate how much money you need for your trip! You should include gas, parking tickets and toll. We payed all around 80€ toll for driving there and back home. But it can variate and depends on from where you drive! That’s why you should better check your route on Google maps. I never payed toll before, so we didn’t know how this system works. It’s not really difficult. There are stations where you can pay with your credit card (only credit card, no EC card), payment in cash or the ticket system. Make sure to research which gas you actually need for your car, because their names differ from the common ones. We had problems with it and asked lots of people for help. By the way, tanking your car up in France is so expensive! Take more money with you than you’re going to need – just in case of emergencies!

We didn’t drive in the city of Paris, just to the municipality Marne-La-Vallée, which is the place where Disneyland is situated. It lies to the east of Paris and is not far away from the city. I enjoyed driving on the highway because there was no traffic! French people prefer the ordinary road, because they have some installed cameras on the highway. The driving limit is around 110-130 km/h. Driving in Marne-La-Vallée was a little bit stressfull because the traffic circles in France has no lines. So you don’t know where to drive…it really confused us! This is why we chose a city near Paris because there is an eight lane traffic circle (city highway) around Paris City. It’s easier to park your car near Paris and drive with the metro or taxi.

Have you ever been on a road trip? What was your experience?


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