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“A rose can never be a sunflower and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way.” – Miranda Kerr

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show may be one of the most famous and sophisticated fashion shows in the world since it manages to keep millions of people glued to their screens anually. It is again that time of the year! The show aired last night and you can shop the latest collection here. But, is is not just the fabulous pieces of lingerie that make a woman’s heart melt, but also the effortless beauty of the so called Angels. That is why I clicked myself through the latest pictures of the show and watched tons of backstage videos. The aim was to create the perfect Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hair and makeup style so that all of us can look like Angels. Here are some step by step instructions, as well as all the tricks and hacks the stylists have pointed out throughout the years.

vs fashion show hair makeup angel
My finished look – VS Fashion Show


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Hair and MakeUp

The VS Fashion Show hair style seems to stay the same every year. Most of them have long, shiny and healthy hair. They wear their hair open in loose, voluminous curls, which gives them a sexy, chic, wild, but yet still cute appearance! Fresh, shiny, well-done hair that looks natural is what we aim for. There is more than one way to recreate the Angel’s signature mane.

1) To achieve that texture and movement we need, divide your dry and ideally straightened hair into seperate sections.

2) Apply some voluminizing hair mousse on your hair comb and comb the hair section by section.

3) Blowdry the mousse into the hair with a round brush. This step is essentiell to create some volume.

4) This step can vary because it depends on your personal preferences:

4.1) The first  possibility is to curl your hair with hair rollers.

4.2) The second option would be to curl your hair with a curling iron and to brush the curls with either your hand or a brush to give them a more natural, messy and wavy appearance. The stylist use an rotating iron that is called “Beach Waver“.

4.3) The last option is to use a hair straightener. Just take small parts of your hair and wrap them around two of your fingers. Remove your fingers without letting go of that twisted part of hair. You have to place this “twist” in between the styling iron for a couple of seconds.Now, use a hair pin to keep that twist together. Repeat the same process until all sections are done, use a little bit of hair spray and remove all the pins once your hair has cooled down. You can flip your hair over and shake it a little bit to loosen the curls and give them a more wavy and modern look.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Hair and Make-Up

While creating the look, you have to keep in mind that you should not focus your attention on the skin because we want it to look natural and as dewy and glowy as possible.Therefore, use as little product as you can and avoid heavy contouring and baking techniques. We do not want to create harsh lines or even change or faces appearance. The main goal is to highlight your face’s natural beauty! Direct your focus on the eyes instead while avoiding glittery, shimmery and too dark and vibrant colored products. Fluffy brushes will help you to diffuse color and to soften the look, which will automatically lead to a more natural finish.


1) As usual, I prepped my skin with rose water. Read more about the benefits of this step here.

2) Next, I mixed a little bit of Mac’s Strobe Cream into my moisturizer and applied it all over my face and neck.

3) Afterwards, I mixed a little bit of my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation with my Mac Body and Face Foundation and worked it into my skin with a stippling brush.

4) I used a little bit of concealer under my eyes.

5) I did not use any setting powder because we aim to create a dewy finish and my skin is on the drier side, but you can use some if you have to. However, I used some bronzing powder on my cheeckbones and on the sides of my forehead.

6) I used a dusty rose colored blush and champagne colored highlighter by Nars to complete the skin


1) I used a very light beige colored eyeshadow and applied all over my lid. With brown color, I deepened the look right on the outer corners of my lid. A bronzier reddish brown color was used right on top of that brown and I blended the two different shades into one another. A nearly white looking beige tone was applied right under the outer half of my eyebrows.

2) With a liquid black eyeliner, I lined my eyes and used a white colored eye pencil on my bottom water line.

3) By applying and blending a medium to dark brown colored eyeshadow powder right under my bottom lashline, I itensified the whole look a little bit.

4) You can highlight the inner corners of your eyes if you want to, but do not overdo it.

5) Of course, we finish the eyes by applying a few coats of our favorite mascara!


1) Begin with a Lipbalm!

2) Use a lipliner that is very close to your natural lip shade. I went for the NYX lipliner in the color “peekaboo neutral”, lined my lips and filled them in.

3) I applied a colorless gloss by Dior on top and voilà!


Now, we are ready to hit the runway girls! 😉 Get out your Victoria’s Secret robes and may the odds be ever in your favor…ok wrong movie, but you get the point, right? Howsoever, I really hope that you appreaciate this post! Let me know if this was helpful and if you would like to have more Victoria’s Secret inspired posts in the future. Which VS model is your favorite? I kind of like Adriana Lima and Taylor Hill a lot. What about you?



  1. Adam

    December 2, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Hey girl! Your style of writing, the pictures and the effort is increcible. I love it. I stumbled across your post on Pinterest and have to admit, I was convinced that you must be one of these Supermodels…..until I read the post!
    Two things I have to get off of my chest, though: Your work is great. If you struggle to drive more readers to your page and to build a consistent community, there are a few things you could optimize and improve. Working together with bloggers and young influencers is what I do for a living. If you are interested in a cooperation and want to find out more about what I do and how I do it, contact me.( I do not expect you to pay me right away, do not panic!) Lastly, please add me to your list of subscribers! That button does not work for me. Do you work with Bluehost? This is a common issue I faced in the past.

  2. Vyom

    December 1, 2017 at 5:40 am

    Watching Victoria Secrets show is such an eye candy always. You have done an incredible job and look nothing short of an angel.

    1. fancy-diaries

      December 1, 2017 at 11:18 pm

      Thank you so much 💕

  3. Jijjy's Maison

    December 1, 2017 at 2:53 am

    I love the victoria secrets show, I never miss them each year. The robes in this show are to die for. So pretty and so are the girls. I would not know who is my favourite, they are all so gorge, 😀

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